How Do I Make My EX Boyfriend Want Me Back ( Fast )?

If you want to get him back. Let him be!..Don’t just unfriend him on Facebook, block him. Don’t google him, don’t drive by his house, don’t send him innocent “hi” texts, don’t tell your friend to tell him you’ve been thinking of him, nothing. Yes, it will be so hard. And you may slip, just try harder next time. Think about this: Do you feel GOOD when you do any of this behavior? Do you think any of this is helping you heal, or helping him want to be with you, or helping anything? Truth: The only thing you’re getting out of this is feeling worse about yourself and your situation. Is that what you want? Your choice. No stalking, no following, no “checking in”, You now know how you’re supposed to act if you really want to get your ex boyfriend back.....Now it’s time to actually put these powerful strategies into your heart.

Sensitive Questions Followed by Truthful Answers ?

- Are you in love or just a friend
- Do you really want him back?
- Why do you want to get back together with him?
- Look at all your past relationships.
- Can you truly forgive?
- Would it be possible that you could be back together again?
- Consider the possibility that you may be wrong.
- Has anything relevant changed since then?
- Has he got another woman?

Don't compare your past with your present ..... Look into the Future.

How to get your Ex back when he has moved on to a new girlfriend.

You can’t make him breakup with his new girlfriend. It has to be his decision. You have to give him just enough time to miss you, but not enough to completely forget about you...
Start no contact for a while and then contact him again.

If he is good to you most of the time then stay with him, if not then break up with him but don't get so attached that you stay with someone who treats you bad. Try not to get into an argument or a fight with him for what he has done whether he admits it or not.Some of the main reasons why men are unhappy in a relationship. Try to stay calm and composed as much as possible in the presence of your man. Never ever blow the situation up and get into a harsh words or screams when you see him alone.

If you have any problem with your ex boyfriend that you can't resolve. You can take action.

- Stop talking to him totally: Block all forms of communication with him via phone, computer, or in person. End it. Run away from him if you see him anywhere fast.
- Go out of your way to talk to him
- Don't expect him to come running back to you, Show your ex you are handling the breakup maturely and respectfully, there are a lot of things that can make you happy instead of your being with your boyfriend.
- Don't scream or cry but make him feel wanted
- If he calls you back, you have to ignore him
- Change your entire style of clothing
- Stop talking to a friend he didn't like
- Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened
- When you get hurt just forgive and forget

Show your ex all the respect even though you feel that he does not deserve any in that situation. But remember the hard truth that knowing along counts to nothing if you don’t act on it.

Be cool. be nice. keep in mind he might have allready made up his mind. If it's you, good! If not, be ready and dont be a jelous **** about it and let him go. If you were good to him he will find you in the near future. If he decides to go with this new guy he met, show him your a classy woman and say peace. Tell him good luck and that you will allways be a friend to him. After a few weeks when you feel better, go out and get to know lots of men (lots) make them good friends and get to really understand them. You will have fun and enjoy life as a free guy.
Peace and blessing.

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Should I call him or wait for him to call me?

If you love him, don't text or call him for a few .... If he misses you and loves you back he will contact you... If he doesn't, you've got your answer... Suck it up!

Your boyfriend said he doesn't love you anymore.

Maybe you'll get lucky

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